Welcome to Cafe Lingua 13 November and 11 December!

cafe lingua  13 november Kristuskyrkan.png

Kristuskyrkan in Helsinki open its doors to exchange students, expats and locals with a multilingual evening event “Café Lingua” on the following Tuesdays :13 November and 11 December starting at 18:00.
Café Lingua is a free and open international language and cultural exchange event. You can choose which languages you want to practice and meet both Finns and foreigners! All languages are welcome !
There are many tables with different languages spoken depending on how many people are taking part, each evening, from different countries and nationalities. There is a chance for everybody to brush up and practice English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish and Finnish of course! Native speakers are always warmly welcomed to the tables it is a great event to meet some locals while studying or working abroad, have a good time and enjoy some coffees or snacks! The event is free and open to everyone !
Where : Kristuskyrkan Congregation Hall, Apollonkatu, 5
When : next meeting on 16/10/2018 from 18:00 till 20:00
Contact: helsingfors@metodistkyrkan.fi