In English

Swedish speaking United Methodist Church in Helsinki, Apollonkatu 5

Worship service every Sunday at 11

Sunday School every second Sunday at 11, for children in age 3-12

Worship language is Swedish, but if you want come regularly you will get a translation in English on the program.

The Worship service takes about one hour and continues in Church Hall with fellowship, coffee and tea. There are people who like to talk, and share your life with you, if you want it. We can also pray together when you need it.

In Worship service we sing together, listen to our Music Minister who makes the music to “a second sermon”. We read Bible together and also have a possibility to share with all our thanksgiving, our needs and blessings. The sermon is quite short, but intensive, and says something about Jesus in our lives today and in our time, our mission, our possibilities to serve and to live a meaningful life.

In the church we have 2 groups for people who are interested in handicraft and ceramics. They meet every Tuesday at 12 and every Thursday at 17. The group´s name is Manuela. You can also come to Manuela just for the fellowship, without interest in any handicraft!