Contact information

Christ United Methodist Church, Apollog. 5, 00100 Helsinki
You can contact our pastors for confession or a simple conversation. Tuula Sahlin, 040 579 4361,, and Nils-Gustav Sahlin, 040 5799 3458,, or via message to Facebook “Kristuskyrkan i Helsingfors”. For more contacts, see our bulletin, which available in the church in three languages.

About our church
The congregation that comes together in Christ Church is part of The United Methodist Church, which in Finland has two branches, the Swedish speaking Finlands svenska metodistkyrka, and the Finnish speaking Suomen metodistikirkko. The Finnish speaking congregation in Helsinki meets in Metodistikirkko at Fredrikintori.

Our ambition is to make our Sunday morning worship services at 11 a.m. alive and relevant, warmhearted and generous. We read the Bible together, and there is a moment for sharing experiences, prayer concerns and thanksgiving. Sermon and music are central. There is an opportunity for personal reflections and response, and the pastors are always available for counseling, confession and prayer.

We celebrate Holy Communion once a month, to which all who believe in Jesus or has a longing for faith in Him. Occasionally, we celebrate so called Taizé Mass with peaceful singing and Bible reading.
Once a month our worship is a Café Worship at 3 p.m. around tables in the fellowship hall.

Music ministry
Music is part of God’s address in the worship service. It is a way to come before God in praise and prayer. Pro Christo is the name of our choir, which participate in the worship service on occasion, and in separate concerts.

Prayer is the nerve of the church. Prayer is both personal and communal. We welcome you to pray we us in the church on Wednesdays at 7-8 a.m. (entrance through the fellowship hall), on Thursdays at 11-12 a.m., when the sanctuary is open for visits, quite moments and prayer, and 30 minutes before Sunday worship.

Christ Church is a Swedish speaking congregation, which means that worship services and other gatherings primarily are in Swedish. But our ministry is not a language issue, it is a mission for people. Therefore, we speak Finnish, English and a few other languages to the best of our ability. You are welcome to fully participate in your own language. Sunday morning worship services have simultaneous interpretation to Finnish.

Children and youth
Our ambition is to reach children and youth. Please, join us in pray for a children and youth leader!
Bread Ministry
Wednesdays at noon – 1 p.m. we distribute bread, also sweet bread that we receive from a bakery in the neighborhood. The bread is from the day before. We start with a short devotion, and serve coffee. Welcome!

Studio Manuela
Manuela is the common name for small groups gathering for several forms of handicraft. The leader is the ceramicist Rita von Konow, 0400-964877 manuela[at], who is a congregational worker of Christ Church. In addition, there are others with expertise from different handicrafts. During the work you can talk about life and current issues. Coffee break and a short devotion are part of every Manuela session. We meet on Tuesdays noon – 4 p.m. and Thursdays 5-8 p.m.
The studio is in the crypt with entrance around the corner on Vänrikki Stoolin katu 6. Follow Studio Manuela on Facebook.

Café Lingua
Café Lingua is a free and open international language and cultural exchange event. You can choose which language you want to practice and meet both Finns and foreigners! All languages are welcome! One Wednesday a month, though paused during Co-vid19 pandemic.

Small groups
Men Meeting Men is a group for conversation, Bible study and prayer, meeting every other Tuesday at 6 p.m. Women´s Group is a similar group, also meeting every other Tuesday at 6 p.m.